Frequently Asked Questions

    • If we don't recognise your chalice, bottle or can please try again. If we still don't recognise your Stella Artois you can keep trying until you're successful.

      Some tips:

      • Use an official Stella Artois chalice, bottle of can with the Stella logo.
      • Try and capture the whole glass, bottle or cab.
      • Make sure the Stella logo is clearly visible.
      • Best to use a neutral background.
      • You can hold you Stella Artois in your hand, but try not to cover the glass, bottle or can and the logo too much.
      • Full, half full or empty glasses will all be recognised, but a full one works best.
    • This app is intended to be used on a modern smartphone. If you have a phone without a camera we're sorry but you can't participate. The same if you use this app on a desktop computer; you will get a message that you need to use your mobile. Using a tablet with a camera might work in some some instances.

    • If you've never taken a picture before using the web browser on your phone, you might get a request to allow this. You can safely do so, this question is a standard feature of your phone and will only popup once.